we're paint specialists,

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Mint Fresh Cars has developed a full suite of paint damage repair solutions ranging from a simple cut & polish to our 9 stage paint rectification process called Fresh9. We also have trusted industry partners who can perform on-vehicle part panels resprays as well as full paint & panel repairs. Every day we:

  • repair everyday damage caused by improper washing technique
  • remove swirl marks and buff marks, holograms and spiderweb scratches
  • rectify scratch damage from plants, pets and some key scratches
  • conceal stone chip damage
  • restore paintwork to near new condition
  • offer convenient same day service
  • cut & polish paintwork
  • work to high professional standards

Whatever your vehicle needs we know you'll love our exceptional quality and exceptional service


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Fresh9 - the complete paint rectification system including Premium 6 Month Polish

Our 9 stage paint rectification process rectifies most types of damage and greatly reduces the appearance of others. We have a 100% success rate for the removal of swirl marks, buff marks, wash damage, light scratches, fine chips, and some dropping damage. The visibility of heavy scratches, large chips, dropping damage and acid rain are greatly reduced. Consider this a complete renovation of your vehicle's paintwork that doesn't require spray painting. Includes all services listed below.

s $299 m $329 l $365 7 $395


Cut & Polish - perfect for restoring shine to oxidised paint

Non scratch hand wash & dewax, surface clean paint with clay block*, soft cut & machine polish paintwork

s $165 m $179 l $198 7 $220


3 Month Polish - liquid hand polish for a 3 month shine

s $29 m $35 l $39 7 $45


Premium 6 Month Polish - cream hand polish for a 6 month shine

s $49 m $55 l $59 7 $65


Soft Cut paintwork to rectify fine scratches and enhance shine

s $49 m $55 l $59 7 $65


Hard Cut^ paintwork to rectify heavy scratches and enhance shine

s $49 m $55 l $59 7 $65


Deep Pore Paint Clean - extracts embedded impurities for a deeper shine

s $49 m $55 l $59 7 $65


Surface Clean Paint with clay block* to remove grit for silky smooth paint

s $29 m $35 l $39 7 $45


Dewax Paint to remove dead wax - the #2 reason paintwork loses its shine

s $49 m $55 l $59 7 $65


Paint Touch-Ups* for stone chips and large scratches - price according to damage

s $29 m $59 l $99 7 $135



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better colour and reflection after fresh9, right
fine stone chips almost disappear
deep scratches above, rectified paint below
scratches almost invisible, shine restored
better colour and reflection after fresh9, right

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